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  • Party time?

    Imagine the dinner party scenario: Hours of work in the kitchen; hours of enjoyment around the table; hours of sleeping it off; and, when you get up in the morning, a kitchen that smells like it never happened. That's the test of a great rangehood.

    Our products will exceed your expectations for style, performance, and quality while enhancing the indoor air quality of the home.

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  • Clearing the fog

    At Bossino we appreciate that choosing a rangehoood isn't an easy task. That's why this site is more than just a parade of nice looking rangehoods. For every model in our range, you'll find images, information and specifications to dissipate the fog of confusion and help you to make a smart choice.


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  • Distinctly Quiet At Home

    Turn on the Bossino range hood, and you'll hear only a whisper of air movement, because the motor blower system provides the quietest ventilation available.

    Now you can enjoy your conversations at home.


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    Going green isn't just a slogan, it's a committment.

    Keep your home green! Bossino range hoods provide effective ventilation in your home. You are eliminating harmful odors (like gas fumes) from your home. Also humid, greasy, steamy air over time can cause mold and mildew to build up in the kitchen, causing possible respiratory problems.

    Besides using very little energy, Bossino range hoods help to keep energy costs down in your home.

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  • Precision Heat Control

    Bossino gas cooktops feature spiral burners that deliver even heat in an extremely short period of time.

    Bossino offers complete ultra-premium kitchen range hoods, and gas cooktops and truly consistent design, while delivering the quality and performance that makes Bossino the true market leader.

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  • Safety Control

    Bossino gas cooktops are constructed from seamless stainless steel, creating a sleek finish requiring minimal maintenance. They are easy to clean, and will cook perfectly on low to high temperatures. All equipped with the Flame Failure Device which swiftly shuts down the gas supply for your safety if the flame goes out.

    So you can count on them to help keep your kitchen cleaner for years to come.

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What makes us unique


Sense & Simplicity

We are living in a very complex world. Sense and simplicity is important to us. We believe that technology should be simple and functional to make our lives less complex. The kitchen hood ensures comfort and well-being in the kitchen, the place of culinary exploration and stimulus for the senses. The range hood breathes life into the kitchen.

Today & Tomorrow

Yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream. Behind every story, there is the main character which is you. Your kitchen is an expression of who you are, how you cook, and how you host your guests around the dinner table. Our passion is creating better experiences that put the joy of food at the centre of your life. Live, laugh, and love life - we'll take care of details.

Passion & Performance

Cooking is a show of performance. From weekday convenience to gourmet weekends, each meal is thoughtfully planned and the kitchen is your stage. Celebrating great and delicious food around the world, from the soft thin strings of spaghetti to the thicker strings of Vietnamese pho noodle - variety is the spice of life. Just as we are seeking quality and variety in our food, we desire the same of our kitchens. We are seeking to reduce the carbon footprint, and to enhance our well-being through unique appliances. Thanks to Bossino's outstandingly low noise levels, powerful extraction and innovative technological solutions, you can cook and have a show to impress your family and friends.

Awakening Heart & Soul

Imagine... You have the ability within you to create what you desire... You have limitless opportunities... you have the key to open any door. You do. In every moment each of us has the power to recreate ourselves, our lives, and our world. The power you seek is within...

So kitchen also relates to health and nourishment. So this is the place where family comes together, where people have, have fun, feel sociable. This is where kids come home from school and they just love to be in the kitchen. Kitchen is the heart and soul of the home.

This is what drives us to do what we do - creating experiences that enhance and balance the heart and soul of your life.

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