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Bossino is a subsidiciary brand of Castle Bay Sinks Incorporated. Bossino appliances is the brand you can trust. Our manufacturer has over 15 years of experience in producing high quality stainless steel range hood and are approved by the C.S.A. and E.T.L. standards of United States and Canada.

Our range hoods are designed and manufactured to be safe, easy to operate and yet, powerful. The company pursues the aim of occupying the market with quality, seeking development with new products and adjusts product structures constantly and improves the competitive power. We aim to make smarter and more stylish products that will feature both high quality construction plus value for your hard earned money while contributing to the beauty of your home and providing a comfortable environment using the latest technologies in the industry.

To assist in growing our business throughout North America, we are seeking for dealers in each area to provide our products to consumers. Please see our dealer page for more information on becoming a dealer.

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