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We are committed to providing products that are environmentally-friendly and of the highest quality to ensure that our customers are getting good value. Our filter-less range hoods use less energy to remove more air than those with filters, and have machine-washable parts that never need replacing, saving space in the landfills and money in your pocket. Bossino has always known how to distinguish itself by its innovative technologies and cutting-edge initiatives. Sensitive to the issues surrounding sustainable development and energy efficiency for several years now, we are more than ever committed to take action and deploy concrete efforts towards the preservation of our environment.

As a leader in the development of indoor air quality products, Bossino has naturally displayed an environmental consciousness which underlies our progress in the development of high efficiency products, in waste reduction and in the integration in our corporate culture of a green commitment, honoured by each of our employees.

At Bossino, our green commitment drives us everyday, as we aim to maintain environmental integrity and to pursue our mission dedicated to the well-being and comfort of our consumers, both present and future.

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